Cricket is a non-contact sport that is very common and popular in India. Its origin dates back to three centuries ago. Cricket has spread around the world thanks to the colonial activity of England, which is the ancestor of this sport.

Currently, there is a real boom in betting among Indian bettors. Betters predict live odds for cricket, the outcome of team matches, and the success of individual players. Despite the government’s prejudice against the officially banned betting game, Indians continue to bet. Thus, the expected cricket matches between Pakistan and India promise real excitement. Considering that the final game between Australia and India raised 500+ million dollars, another event in the world of cricket clearly will not go unnoticed.

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Cricket’s Popularity Secrets

Why are matches so popular? This is partly due to the patriotic spirit of the Indians. They adore, and deify cricketers, carefully observing their biographies and achievements. Even poor Indians will bet on domestic players.

However, there is also a tendency to bet on the opposing team if it has great potential. This happens when it comes to a possible big win. Wealthy Indians enjoy making individual predictions. When choosing a specific player, they prefer to bet on his success. The most exciting matches are also monitored – for example, India-Pakistan, where all balls are predicted.

Cricket VS shadow bookmakers

Cricket is so loved that the most significant part of India’s shadow economy is formed by betters’ bets. Illegal bookmakers receive big money even for competitions that last one day. Thanks to the ability to view matches in a live format, one-day games do not go unnoticed by players.

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Illegal business, unfortunately, thrives thanks to gaps in Indian legislation. Laws do not completely limit the legal field of activity in terms of gambling. The level of trust of citizens is so high that anyone can declare themselves as a bookmaker, and bets are made by mobile phone.

Illegal bookmakers attract the close attention of the security forces. This ensures the migration of illegal bookmakers. In 2021, an outflow of illegal immigrants was observed in the capital of India, the city of Bombay, where no more than 10% of bookmakers remained.

Pros of legal play

It is much safer to play legally, on official sites. Many players from India prefer to use the PariMatch bookmaker app or play on the official website.

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The advantages of cricket betting offered by Parimatch are as follows:

  • full access to all current matches;
  • constant reminders for players who have installed the application;
  • free and fast installation of client software on devices with operating systems Android, iOS;
  • various bonuses, promotions, freebies;
  • support for common payment systems;
  • Hindi language support, comfortable communication with support operators;
  • the presence of a license, which ensures the complete safety of the player in terms of saving personal information, compliance with the privacy policy.

The steady growth in the popularity of cricket betting in India is quite a predictable phenomenon since the game has not lost its popularity for several centuries, bringing significant income to the country.

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