Little-Known Functions Of The Nintendo Switch


The Nintendo Switch was released to widespread critical acclaim and has become one of the world’s most popular consoles in recent years. One of the reasons for its popularity is the wide functionality that the Switch boasts, and it can be used both as a portable gaming device or plugged into a large TV.


Most Switch owners tend to be aware of the various functionalities of their console. But it might surprise some to learn about its hidden functions that are generally less well-known but can make a substantial difference to their gaming experience.

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Bluetooth Headphones


The Switch has Bluetooth functionality baked right in, and it’s something that fans of the device were asking for over a period of years. This means that it’s now possible to use the Switch with your favourite pair of Bluetooth headphones, and the option to pair with any wireless device can be found within the system settings.


Finding A Joy-Con


Joy-Cons are powerful little controllers that provide everything you need to play all your favourite Switch games. But they’re also small and extremely easy to misplace, and anyone who has owned a Switch can attest to the feeling of panic that hits you when you realise that you’ve lost one of your controllers. Thankfully, the Switch is already equipped to deal with such an issue: there is a button called “Find Controllers” on the home screen, and when clicked with make paired controllers begin to vibrate.

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Remapping Buttons


While the Joy-Con button layout is generally quite easy to get used to, there are a lot of gamers that might find the layout confusing or frustrating. This is why they’ve made it fairly easy to be able to remap the functions of the buttons of the Joy-Con. All the buttons can be remapped, making it a great way to make the Joy-Con controllers more comfortable for you.


Region Restrictions


Depending on where you’re situated, you might find that a lot of the games on the Nintendo store might not be available to download and play. These are region-restricted games, and it can be a real downer for the player that was looking forward to a specific game. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to change the region within the settings, which can instantly unlock a number of games for you to start playing right away. Alternatively, you can use a VPN just like players at Lucky Creek Casino who want to enjoy premium iGaming action 24/7.

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Extra Space


There’s nothing worse than losing all your game data, especially after spending hundreds of hours on a particular game. It’s a terrible feeling that you never really recover from, so it’s a good idea to take the time to back up all your extra data on an external SD Card. It should be noted that this is a save backup solution for that specific Switch, and it won’t allow the transfer from one Switch to another. To do this, a different transfer method will need to be used.



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