Many young students dream of serving their country. NDA and CAPF exams are the best ways to fulfil that dream. Both exams are conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) every year to select the best candidates for the service of the nation. CAPF 2022 is no different than the previous year’s papers. Let’s learn more about it here.

NDA (National Defence Academy) is conducted for admission to the army, navy, and air force. CAPF (Central Armed Police Force) exam is conducted every year, and candidates who will clear this exam will join the force as Assistant Commandants. CAPF and NDA have become challenging exams because of the competition and the huge syllabus.

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Preparation Tips for NDA and CAPF

If you are one of those candidates who want to serve the nation in uniform, then we will discuss the steps to clear the NDA 2022 and CAPF 2022 exams:

Smart Study plan:

These exams are prominent among the candidates who want to serve the nation. A smart study plan includes time management, knowing what is important and not, analysing your study, etc.

Your study plan should be according to you and the lifestyle you have. Do not copy other plans as it is.

Read Syllabus and PYQ (Previous year’s question papers):

These are the most useful tools to crack these difficult exams. Analyse the PYQ deeply and select the topic asked frequently in exams.

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If you will be aware of the fact that which topic is more important and which one is less. It will help you to manage your time and efforts.

Right Study Material

There is countless study material around us. People will suggest you several books to prepare for exams. But here comes the role of syllabus and PYQ; with their help, you can select the right books.

Another option is to go through the topper book list and find the booklist which you feel is perfect. Choosing the right study material is very important otherwise, you will study topics irrelevant to the exam point of view.

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Clear your basics:

Most candidates start their preparation with a high level of books without knowing the basics. This is not the right approach to clear any exam. Start any topic from basic; read school-level books if your basics are not clear. After that, go for the standard books; then, you will understand the topic more efficiently.

Prepare current affairs:

To clear the NDA and CAPF exams, you have to be in touch with your current affairs. One newspaper is much when you are preparing for such exams.

It will also increase your reading skills and help you learn new vocabulary. Reading newspapers will make your English better. You have to prepare for at least one year of current affairs to clear the exam.

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Revision is an important part of your preparation. You should revise topics as often as possible until the exam day. Make crisp notes for the last moment and revise them.

Revision and practice will help you to fetch good marks in the exam.

Work on your personality:

You must have heard this line that if you want to become an officer, then start acting like an officer. Try to officer like develop habits and qualities in yourself.

Along with personality, your health also plays a great part in your selection. During preparation, candidates should keep healthy and fit.

How to Prepare for NDA and CAPF? – Conclusion

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If you want to clear NDA 2022 and CAPF 2022 exams in your first attempt, then you have to follow the steps mentioned in this article.

Aspirants should use these tips to succeed in the exam and share them with other aspirants who want to apply for these exams. Study material, strategy, and other guidance are available on BYJU’s Exam Prep which can be referred to while preparing for these exams.


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