School is that temple where students are taught many good things including those social manners and etiquettes also which make them the good citizen of the society. Students also keep on learning all the good teachings and beneficial information taught by their tutors. Among all these good teachings and information related to the academics of the students, they need to learn some social manners and emotions also which can make them good human beings too from inside because it is said by our elders that your education means nothing if you are not a good human being at heart. Doesn’t matter how high your education or qualification is, you need to be a good and helping personality for others then only people will love and respect you and this is a universal truth. Students need to practice helping others in their school time then it will come in their regular practice such as if a fellow student doesn’t know any term like LMS portal or ERP full form then he/she can help him/her and can explain everything about it so that when asked the other student can reply properly without being scolded for not knowing the answer. Helping others is such a trait in a student which clearly states that the kid is raised in good hands and is a good human being who understands others too.

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There are so many advantages for students of practicing helping others for the students and their academic life. Students have to go through an excessive amount of stress in their student life and they learn and study under the pressure of scoring best marks or earning first position in the class etc. Burden of tutor’s and parent’s expectations become unbearable and during this stressful time they need something which can make them feel good and helping others brings such deep satisfaction of doing something good for others selflessly that it soothes their hearts and make them do such good work further also. Helping others can make the students get some benefits also like they get to know and feel about the feeling of belongingness because when a student helps someone then itself, he or she becomes a friend who remembers the help he or she git from him or her and seeks for the chance to repay for it and when time arrives and the first person comes in need then he/she gets the help he/she needed. For example, a student with very few resources of education helps the student of a metro city with high education. Further the boy from the rural area needs to know about the LMS portal and the ERP full form and he asks the friend he helped earlier and get all the details he/she needed. In this way helping others provides us with more helping hands in our lives.

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Students are usually confused about their aim for life or what they should do after graduation or generally also they don’t have clue about their capabilities and they are unable to understand that apart from their studies what good they can do to gain some recognition and their parents can feel proud of them. Helping others is such a mission which gives purpose in life to many of the students and today they have opened NGOs on a very big scale who have got recognition and rewards also on international level. So, through helping others students can make their career in social work also and can earn name and fame also. People treat such students with respect and honour also and the family feels proud of them. Also helping others is such a good contagious trait that it spreads rapidly. When one student helps others then he/she inspires the other students also to do so and they inspire other students and in this way a chain of helping others starts which keeps on benefiting others selflessly. Science has proved that the satisfaction and happiness received from helping others increases the lifespan of a human being longer so in this way helping others increases the age of students and individuals also. It makes the student feel that he/she did something new and awesome and makes them dwell in happiness the whole day which makes them energetic.

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