There will be plenty of interesting things happening in the world of esports this year. This is because of the impending competitions, which take place throughout the year. Sportsbooks like betsport22 would most likely have the best esports odds for the upcoming tournaments.

Veterans and rookies are usually differentiated by the intensity of the crowds they play in. The youngster who is able to handle the pressure of the big stage can be said to be a rising star. Here are some of the upcoming esports players that have emerged as a result of the online era’s popularity.

Anthony “SHOTZZY” Cuevas-Castro

Shotzzy, the 19-year-old Call of Duty winner and season MVP in 2020, is your best bet if you’re seeking the best. Shotzzy is no longer a rising star but rather a seasoned professional. As a result of his efforts, Dallas Empire has grown into an industry leader.

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There is little doubt that the young player’s career will continue to soar as long as he has Dallas Empire’s financial support.  These youngsters often come out of nowhere with razor-sharp mechanics. However, sometimes they lack the mental toughness that comes with working with the team’s in-house sports psychologists.

Another issue is the fact that they may not be accustomed to the intense strain of huge tournaments. It’s possible that we’re witnessing the beginning of a new age of Call of Duty domination, thanks to Shotzzy and his colleagues.

Aurimas “BYMAS” Pipiras

When he was first found, he was one of the most promising young players in CS:GO. NiKo (a CS:GO player for G2 Esports) saw Bymas in the less established Balkan and Baltic Counter-Strike communities.

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In the beginning, NiKo’s career was hampered by the Bosnian Counter-Strike environment. However, he made it a personal mission to raise upcoming talent in his home country. Signing unproven rookies was a gamble that paid off in the form of Broky, NiKo’s first acquisition, who proved to be an instant hit.

NiKo wasn’t the best coach for Bymas since he was a younger player. Bymas joined the squad at the age of 16; hence he required more guidance. As a result, when NiKo’s squad had to let Bymas go, the youngster was picked up by Mousesports.

Bymas is finally flourishing under Karrigan’s (Mousesports captain) guidance. The rapid flicks and spray control viewers expected are there, but so are smart placement and quick decisions. Ropz, Frozen, and Bymas are the young guns that revitalized Mousesports as a formidable force in CS:GO.

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Kim “CANYON” Geon-Bu

To get experience, Canyon lurks around the map, killing all of the less-visible enemies. He ensures that nothing strange is occurring between the lanes. It’s not the jungler’s responsibility to wipe out the other team, yet in the LCK Summer Season 2020, he achieved just that.

This is the first time a jungler has gotten five kills in the competition. Having a jungler with killer instincts who can pull off unexpected heroics is a big assist. This is true if you’re trying to make it all the way to the World Championships.

Cheng “NothingToSay” Jin Xiang

When NothingToSay joined PSG:LGD, the Malaysian Dota 2 sensation came within a whisker of winning the TI 2021 gold medal. In spite of his status as one of the world’s best Dota 2 players, we feel that he still has a lot of space for growth.

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Illya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk

Thanks to Yatoro, Team Spirit overcame the odds and won the championship. They did this by overcoming the losers bracket and beating both of the tournament favorites. Both the Lower Bracket Finals and the Grand Final were fought to a climax, with both ending in a nail-biter.



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