Air track mats are a great way to add some cushion and traction under your feet while you’re walking or running. They’re not just for runners and athletes, either; they’re great if you have any kind of injury or if you just want to feel better in your shoes. Air track is designed to be used with indoor treadmills, but it can also be used outside on the ground, especially if you’ve got a little extra room to run around. The air track system is essentially a series of inflated tubes that sit under your feet when you’re running or walking. It provides cushioning and shock absorption so that your body doesn’t feel as much impact from the ground when you’re moving at high speeds.

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The Air Track mat is a unique soft-foam solution that is designed for use on concrete surfaces. The Air Track mat is available in different sizes & colors to accommodate all training needs. The Air Track mat can be used during all types of workouts, including Olympic weight lifting, bodybuilding, calisthenics, yoga & Pilates. It is also ideal for rehabilitation after injuries or surgeries.

The Air Track mat provides a soft, comfortable surface that protects joints from repetitive stress injuries & helps improve flexibility & mobility. The air track offers excellent proprioceptive feedback which helps athletes to develop better balance while performing exercises like pushups & pullups.

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Air Track can be used indoors or outdoors!

All age groups can benefit from the excellent gymnastics’ equipment known as the air track mat. Without any of the risks, it enables you to practice the same abilities as you would on a real floor or tumble track. On an air track mat, the additional rebound makes it much simpler to do the same abilities. You may utilize Air Track, which resembles a bouncing surface, for gymnastics, cheer leading, parkour, tricking, and other leaps and flips.

The Air Track is made of an inner core filled with air. The outer layer is made of a high-quality PVC fabric that allows the Air Track to bounce back. The Air Track is not just a rubber track but also has a soft foam layer on the bottom so that it won’t damage floors or other surfaces when used on hard surfaces. Air Track works great for gymnastics and parkour as well as cheer leading, trampoline dodgeball and much more!

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It can also be used as a trampoline dodgeball court! Air Track can be used indoors or outdoors!


Can you jump on an Air Track?

In the gym, you can use an air track to help with your gymnastics and cheer leading routines. It’s also a great tool for parkour and tricking, as well as other types of jumping and flips. Air Track can be used on its own, or you can use it with other pieces of equipment such as a trampoline or mat to increase the intensity of your workout. Air Track is made from durable materials including foam, rubber and PVC. It is designed to provide support and stability while allowing users to perform their favorite exercises safely.

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The main features of Air Track include:


  • The foam surface provides comfort during exercise
  • The rubber surface provides grip when performing flips or tricks
  • PVC tubing provides support for participants during exercises


Air Tracks Mat allow gymnasts to practice

Air tracks may be utilized at the gym or at home because they are lightweight and portable. There’s no need for any joins or clamps, which makes them very easy to assemble. Injury risk may be decreased by the low impact landing surface created by air tracks. They’re also great for indoor use as they don’t absorb water or get damaged by it. Great bounce-back from air tracks helps increase height. This means that air tracks are ideal for gymnasts who are new to their sport and need to build up their confidence before tackling high bar routines.

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Gymnasts can repeatedly practice maneuvers on air tracks to improve their confidence and pick up new abilities. Gymnasts can practice on the same track over time until they feel comfortable enough to move up onto the apparatus itself.


Perfect Designs of Kameymall Air Track Mat

An innovative type of air track mat is the Kameymall air track mat. It combines the Air Track and the Perfect Balance designs. The AIR TRACK technology gives you the sensation of flying while walking on it, while the Perfect Balance design offers a solid and pleasant walking surface. It not only benefits your health but also aids in weight loss.

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The high-quality plastic used to create the Kameymall Air Track Mat includes anti-bacterial and anti-slip qualities. It is portable, strong, lightweight, and simple to clean. It’s ideal for use in fitness facilities, offices, schools, and other places where people need to walk or run-on hard surfaces with less strain on their joints.


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