Roulette is a game that is mainly down to luck and in some ways can be put down to a pattern or the odds on how often numbers come up on the roulette wheel. The best NetEnt casinos offer a number of types of roulette including European roulette, French Roulette and Roulette Pro. So, for all the NetEnt roulette lovers around there is surely a wheel for you to spin till your heart is content. Roulette is one of the great table games that you can find in the bets NetEnt casinos besides Baccarat and other best payout online casino australia games. The most exciting part of roulette is the spinning of the wheel, the exhilaration and thrills while the ball rolls around the wheel and you can never tell where and when it will drop to seal your destiny.

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Roulette was first invented back in France in the 18th century, which is where the game derives its name. Roulette actually means little wheel, how very fitting for the wheel of fortune that this game can be for so many players. Roulette both in the bricks and mortar casino and in the best NetEnt casinos are all the same in layout. The table has a green cloth covering it with the numbers and colors that players can place their chips on. Then of course the dealer spins the wheel to see where the ball will fall and who will win or lose.

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Types of roulette games at best NetEnt casinos

There are various types of roulette games, so each player can choose the one that best suits their desires. Each one of the tables for roulette are different with some unique points that keep roulette enthusiasts coming back for more and more spins regularly. NetEnt is of course always trying to improve the offer of games available when it comes to slots or online casino games.

European roulette

The latest addition to the table games family at NetEnt casinos all over. This game of roulette is so real that you won’t even realize it is not a live casino game. The way European roulette has been laid out is absolutely breath taking and brings the real experience to your wherever you choose to log into one of the best NetEnt casino and start playing. This roulette table has a sign showing which numbers are hot or cold at this moment. This will give players who like to go by the odds of the game a good indication of what the odds of each number is.

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French Roulette Pro

A classic roulette game for NetEnt casinos everywhere, this is a standard roulette table with a number of options to make the game even easier and straight forward. This option also has the hot and cold numbers for players to have a good idea where the game is. There is also the information such as how much percentage the odds or evens have come out on the wheel so far in the day. This game has a maximum bet of €500 which makes these high stakes game that can be a whirlwind of surprises both good and bad. Definitely a game to get the heart racing and the blood pumping through the veins.

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Free Casino Slots

Roulette Pro

The most popular roulette game available at the best NetEnt casinos, this is the classic roulette game that is all about winning and enjoying the game. Another game that has a €500 maximum bet, so it is not for the faint hearted that is for sure. There is also a separate table that has the numbers that some players choose to bet on as they believe they are the most popular numbers and therefore give a greater chance of winning more and more cash per spin of the wheel.

These are the 3 roulette games currently available at the NetEnt casinos, however there will be a new additional to the amazing roulette games in the near future. This game will be American roulette, which has an added number on the wheel – the 00. Good luck and happy spinning at the NetEnt roulette tables.

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