Australia is a country rich in culture, flora and fauna, and it can be a reason which has made the place a suitable destination for visitors. The health care facilities, businesses, and education system have also been flourishing in the nation. Besides that, travellers love to visit the country more than once considering the places to look for. However, if you have plans to visit anytime soon, here is a brief discussion on the Visitor Visa Subclass 600. Why don’t you invest some time reading the guest post following which you can apply for it? 

About Visitor Visa 

Business visitors, tourists, or visiting your family wishing to go to Australia and stay for twelve, three or six months can apply for a visitor visa. For this, you have to be a genuine visitor and must have enough funds to stay and even leave the nation. It has various categories, and these are:

  • Tourist Stream (Apply in Australia): It allows you to travel to Australia to see your loved ones as a tourist. Also, you can visit for medical treatment and business purposes. The tourist visa 600 lets you reside for a year, and the cost to apply for this is AUD370.
  • Business Visitor Stream: If you wish to go to the nation for business purposes, a Business Visitor Stream is a suitable one. With this, you have the permission to stay for three months.
  • Tourist Stream (Apply outside Australia): The Tourist Stream permits enthusiasts to visit the nation as a tourist to see their family members or go on a cruise. It is valid for a year, and the cost is AUD145.
  • Sponsored Family Member: The Sponsored Family Member permits people whose family members have sponsored to travel to Australia and visit their near and dear ones.
  • Approved Destination Status Stream: The Approved Destination Status Stream is for enthusiasts staying in specific areas of China. The applicants wish to travel the nation on a tour that an approved travel agent has organized. Here the stay period is the date specified by the authorities in the grant letter.
  • Frequent Traveller Stream: This visa is for The People’s Republic of China citizens who need to travel to Australia for personal or business reasons. The Frequent Traveller Stream visa is granted for up to 10 years, and every time you step in, you must stay for at least three months. 
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Things To Know For Tourist Visa 

For both categories, Tourist Stream (apply in Australia) and Tourist Stream (apply outside Australia), the eligibility criteria are listed here. You must read the guidelines and must entail attaining each one of them one by one. Do not rush into things as if the application form gets cancelled; it will increase your troubles. It is better to avoid that and do the steps one after the other. Now it’s time to take a look at the things that one has to achieve without fail. 

  • Meeting the health requirements: Most importantly, visa 600 has specific health requirements which you have to accomplish without fail. The details of the specifications are mentioned on the Immigration site, and you can always refer to that. If you find any difficulty in understanding the clauses, the experts are always there.
  • Have enough funds: You must have access to enough funds while in the country. Make necessary provisions, so you do not face any trouble while residing in the country.
  • Meeting the character requirements: Like health requirements, you must also accomplish a specific set of character requirements. Considering that, you must refer to the guidelines mentioned by the experts.
  • Best interests of the child: Remember that the Tourist Visa Australia will not be granted to you if it is not in the child’s best interests. 
  • Be a genuine visitor: Enthusiasts applying for the visa must be genuine visitors, and they should stay in the country for a temporary period. The visa holder must do things that are allowed to do and nothing apart from what is not mentioned.
  • Meet other criteria: The visa 600 can be applied online if you are in the country and must hold a substantive visa.
  • Pay your debts: If you owe any debt to the Australian government, you must make sure to clear them off before applying. At times, it may not be possible for you to clear the entire amount. In this instance, you must make the necessary provisions. 
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Get In Touch With The Migration Consultants 

All aspirants must know that satisfying all requirements is of utmost importance. Missing or skipping any aspect can lead to the rejection of the application form. So, you have to be particular when you fill in the details. If you are unsure whether you will be able to do the process or not, you can hire a Registered Migration Agent Perth. The perks you can enjoy after hiring an expert are:

  • Submit a complete application form: By appointing them, you can be sure of submitting a complete application form. It will be free from errors and will contain all the requirements. With that, it increases your chances of getting the visa on time and without facing any rejections.
  • Highly qualified: The consultants are highly qualified and have the necessary information about all things. When you hire them, you can relax about the entire process as they know how everything follows. They will look for minute details and will ensure that your application form contains all facts. Until then, they will never submit the form. In short, when you approach them for this job, you can be stress-free. 
  • Clear the fees on time: Experts know that without clearing the fees, the processing of your application process will not start. So, they make sure that the fee is cleared on time, following which the application process can begin.
  • Know about the processing time: The processing time is another aspect that you must always check. Generally, it takes five to eight months, but it may take more than that if the details are not included. But when you hire a consultant, there are high chances you will get it within time. All these things specify the need to hire professionals for this work.
  • Prepare a list containing all details: You must prepare a list containing all necessary things that need to be attained. In that way, the chances of missing small things are reduced. With that, it would be easy to get your visa sanctioned without waiting for a long time.
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However, it’s all up to you what you would like to do. You can go ahead with a migration consultant Perth or do it on your own. 

Final Thoughts

All the requirements the visa 600 needs are mentioned here, so now you have to follow and satisfy them. Seek guidance from experts if requirements, and most times, it makes the entire process smooth. With this visa, you can stay for a short or long time, depending on the section you apply for. A tourist visa allows you to stay for a year, and based on your requirements; you are free to go ahead.  


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