When you are planning to go on a yacht holiday, you will have two options to consider. Either you can hire the yacht and sail it on your own, or you will be able to get it with a crew. When you are renting a yacht with a crew, you will be getting the opportunity to hire a captain as well.

Do you really need to hire a yacht with a crew?

The answer to this depends on multiple reasons. Size of the yacht holds a prominent place out of them. That’s because you can maneuver smaller yachts and there is no need to hire a captain. However, you should also check and see how you are planning to enjoy our holiday, the sharing space available with the crew and whether you are bothered to handle the yacht on your own as you go forward.

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Benefits of hiring a captain and a crew with the yacht

Hiring a yacht charter company

The benefits of a crew charter are undeniable. Here are six ways why you should leave the preplanning to the specialists in the nautical field:

–          The most important reason to hire a competent skipper is to ensure your safety. Bad weather is no laughing matter. Skippers must have a valid license and complete “safety at sea” training. But, most importantly, they have prior experience with weather and water circumstances, are well-trained, are familiar with all storm hiding locations, and know how to react in a dangerous situation. Distressed people need mental peace.

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–          The second component is a personal hands-on encounter with the place. Maintaining a personal relationship with other professionals that provide gastro & hospitality services ensures that a table will always be available at your selected vacation spot.

–          Your trip will be stress-free if you hire a staff. Somebody will oversee driving, mooring, gasoline, water, repair, water conditions, and time management. So, sit back and take in the breathtaking scenery. This website will do the rest of this hiring process for you.

–          Hiring a chef on board a yacht provides several advantages. Simply inform the chef of your food tastes, and he will oversee the food budget, buying groceries, and making meals for both visitors and workers.

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–          We all understand that when you’re having a good time, time flies. So, why should someone squander their vacation time? Hiring a captain to supervise your yacht rental can save you time and money throughout your vacation. He or she is already well-versed in the greatest bays, beaches, diving sites, hidden treasures, and vacation hotspots. This is particularly critical if this is your first-time utilizing yacht charter services.

–          Having a staff on board will guarantee that your yacht rental is kept pristine during your stay.

–          For visitors, tipping the crew is more of a habit than a requirement. The amount of your tip is entirely up to you, based on your degree of pleasure. In Europe, the standard tipping percentage is 10% of the rental charge. If you’re unsure about how much to give and to whom, consult your captain.

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If you are convinced by these reasons, you can go ahead and hire a yacht with a captain.



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