It is a universally accepted fact that MS Outlook is potentially vulnerable to PST errors. Outlook users may encounter issues like crashing the system, sluggish performance, and freezing. As per Forbes, Personal Storage files or PST files are used for storing emails and all kinds of mailbox items in Outlook. PST files are susceptible to corruption and some other types of damage. These issues arise due to various reasons. However, the most common cause of these issues is an oversized PST file that may get corrupted further because of an unexpected system shutdown. What should you consider doing to resolve PST issues? 

The inbuilt Inbox Repair tool has been provided by Microsoft as a repair utility for rectifying errors that comes up in Outlook PST files. It tries to examine and verify whether the file structure related to the PST file is in accordance with the standard original structure. It will rectify the file in case there is an anomaly. However, the Inbox Repair tool is effective in case of fundamental issues with the basic PST file structure. If there is a profile deletion or improper shutdown, the Inbox Repair tool tries to restore the situation. 

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You may try to make do with the inbuilt Inbox Repair tool if you think that the Outlook issue is not so grave. You may keep in mind that there are certain limitations to the inbuilt Inbox Repair tool. It cannot resolve severe PST errors or cannot prove to be of any help in case of file system compromises because of a virus attack or a devastating application crash. Moreover, its PST recovery success rate is average, and you cannot rely on it to deliver seamlessly in challenging situations. It is best to opt for a specialized Outlook PST repair tool. There is a plethora of excellent PST repair software; however, it is critical to choose the right tool for accomplishing the desired goals. Here is a compilation of some of the best Outlook PST repair tools you may use in 2022.

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Stellar Repair for Outlook

The most recommended PST repair tool is Stellar Repair for Outlook. This software has been developed by specialized data recovery experts, who have been in the trade for over 25 years. Stellar is a highly reliable PST repair tool for resolving severely damaged PST files. This popular software’s USP is its intuitive and rich GUI that promises a seamless recovery process for all those Outlook users with no technical backup. Stellar Repair Outlook can repair a corrupt PST file that has been damaged because of improper file sharing, PST operation system or file header corruption, and disrupted PST compaction.

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Salient Features

  • Helpful in repairing damaged or corrupt PST files of all sizes.
  • Best for retrieving data from encrypted and password-protected PSTs.
  • Effective in recovering permanently deleted attachments, emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, journals, etc.
  • Facilitates selective recovery of PST file items.
  • Helps to save recovered mailbox seamlessly in many different file formats like PDF, HTML, RTF, EMI, MSG, and PST.
  • Intuitive GUI
  • Best for saving and loading PST file scan information
  • The Technician version facilitates direct export of the restored PST file to Office 365
  • Compatible with MS Outlook 2016, MS Outlook 2019, and Outlook for Office 365.

DataNumen Outlook Repair

DataNumen Outlook Repair is a much-trusted and popular Outlook PST repair tool. You can use this super-efficient tool for repairing and recovering PST files of all sizes. It is best for restoring all mailbox items from damaged PST files, and that may include, calendars, mail messages, appointments, contacts, distribution lists, meeting requests, etc. DataNumen Outlook Repair is helpful in recovering emails in three distinct file formats such as HTML, RTF, and plain text.

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Salient Features

  • Helps recover large PST files of 17179869184 GB
  • Facilitates splitting of oversized files into relatively smaller PST files.
  • Best for recovering permanently deleted items on Outlook including, emails, calendars, attachments, contacts, tasks, journals, etc.
  • Aids seamless recovery of password-protected PST files
  • Effective in PST file format conversion to the format of Office 365
  • Compatible with Outlook 2019 and even other earlier versions

Aryson Outlook PST Repair

Aryson Outlook PST Repair is one of the best PST repair software and is helpful in restoring corrupted data and recovering deleted emails. Experts recommend Aryson Outlook PST Repair because of its super-efficiency in recovering documents and emails lost because of virus infection or computer crash.


Salient Features

  • Has the capacity to repair corrupt or damaged PST files up to 80 GB
  • Effective in recovering permanently deleted attachments, emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, journals, etc.
  • Aids seamless recovery of password-protected and encrypted PST files
  • Recovers both deleted emails as well as attachments
  • Provides snapshot feature for saving and loading scan
  • Has the Capacity to Export your MS Outlook emails directly to Windows Live Mail


We have discussed some of the top Outlook PST repair & recovery tools of 2022. Outlook software is known to employ quick data recovery algorithms, aiding the PST repair and recovery tools to repair quickly a damaged or corrupted PST file.


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