IKEA recently revealed its latest tool to help its customers design and visualize their living spaces. This new interactive design experience is called IKEA Kreative and it can be accessed via the IKEA website.


This means that customers no longer have to visit their local physical IKEA store to get an idea how a certain IKEA furniture item may look in their chosen living space.


Using IKEA’s new AI Kreative tool, customers can now be utilized to present accurate visual representations of IKEA products positioned in certain areas of the customers living space. This further helps to bridge the gap between the original IKEA store experience, web app development and mobile e-commerce solutions.


This is not the first time that IKEA has ventured into the realm of AR applications. Its first launch was in 2017 when it showcased the IKEA Place mobile app. IKEA Place allowed customers to scan a space and insert IKEA products within that space to give a sense of the look and feel of the IKEA product for that space.


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More Features

The new IKEA Kreativ allows IKEA customers to capture a wide 3D projection that covers the extent of the entire space. If you are not very sure, IKEA Kreativ users can pick from 50 preloaded spaces that are fully and semi furnished and or empty as required.


One of the coolest functions of the IKEA Kreativ app is that users can erase existing pieces of furniture within a space and place IKEA furniture items instead to really get a sense of how the proposed IKEA product will interact with the room.


From rugs and carpets to chairs, beds and even lights, the IKEA Kreativ app makes it really easy to picture how IKEA products would look in particular spaces.


App users can stack multiple IKEA items on top of each other and they can also share the designs with friends, family or even an IKEA accredited Interior Designer.


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Modern Lifestyle Design

IKEA is all about inspiration for modern living. Its aim is to provide products that meet both the functional and practical needs of its valued customers.


When it comes to interior design we can be inspired from a wide range of sources. It could be from a book or a magazine or even just by seeing something that already exists and adds value to a space.


Although there are many different types of interior design styles IKEA, across its history has always managed to present and feature popular styles that are in line and matching with modern lifestyle trends.


IKEA is all about providing practical solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and visually pleasant. With over 400 stores in 50 countries, IKEA is a digital leader in providing cutting edge technology that makes the decision process of its customers very easy.


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