The answer is YES and NO. Some of the top-end schools definitely have a high fees structure. On the other hand, there are equally good schools whose Abu Dhabi School Fees structures are way more reasonable. Though the school fees are based on the kind of facilities that school provides and the curriculum they follow, it is also important to know that you can find schools that have a wonderful reputation and that also provide all the top-notch facilities necessary for the 21st-century expectations. Let’s talk about one such school which is a household name among the Indian circle who live in Abu Dhabi.

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Global Indian International Abu Dhabi School

Global Indian International School, also known as GIIS for short, is an Indian international school in Abu Dhabi with an exceptional reputation. It is also well known for its unique GMP curriculum for Preschoolers and the CBSE curriculum for primary and secondary grades. The reason why it is unique is that they build the curriculum in line with the 9 GEMS of education. These 9 GEMS enable students to pick key skills in all areas of holistic development. The 9 GEMS Framework is an age-appropriate and adaptive approach that enables students to evolve in all areas of education. Here, the emphasis is placed equally on academics as well as extra-curricular activities and co-curricular activities. The 9 GEMS framework includes the following:

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1. Academic Excellence
2. Sports Excellence
3. Visual and Performing Art
4. Personality Development
5. Innovation and Creativity
6. Entrepreneurship and Leadership
7. Universal Values and Ethics
8. Community and Care
9. Skills Development

GIIS’s Abu Dhabi School Fees

One might wonder that when a school offers such a wide range of activities by adapting such a robust curriculum, then the fees structure may definitely be on the higher side. Fortunately, that isn’t true. GIIS’s fees structure is priced reasonably with the starting fees for the GMP preschool curriculum at AED 10,600 and up to AED 12,550 for grades 11 and 12. The average school fees in Abu Dhabi international schools can be anywhere between AED 5000 up to AED 45,000. GIIS believes in educating children from all walks of life and provides a well-rounded curriculum that is aimed to help children pick up 21st-century skill-sets that will enable them to become global citizens and leaders. A GIIS platform will also help your child adapt to a highly culturally diverse environment thus improving their social interaction and their communication skills to a large extent.
Break Up of Abu Dhabi School Fees.
The GMP (Global Montessori Plus) program has a total tuition fee of AED 10,600 per annum and a booking fee of AED 600. You can pay the tuition fees in 3 equal installments throughout the annual year.
Apart from the tuition fees, these are the other mandatory fees that are charged by the school.

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1. Registration Fee (Deducted from Term 2 Tuition Fee): AED 500.00
2. Re-Registration Fee (Only for Continuing Students – Deducted from Term 2 Tuition Fee) : AED 500.00
3. ADEK Approved Uniform Fee (Annual Recurring)- *Incl. 5% VAT: AED 766.50
4. Asset Exam Fee (Applicable From Grade 3 To Grade 9)- *Incl. 5% VAT: AED 73.50
5. ADEK Approved Transportation FEE: AED 5,000.00

Transportation fees are not mandatory and are charged only if you avail of the school transport facilities
They approved these fees as per the guidelines of the ADEK (Department of Education and Knowledge) and there are no hidden fees that the admission seekers won’t be aware of.
You can pay the school fees through different modes of payment like Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card, cheques, and Bank drafts. There is also the option of making fee payments through GIIS”s payment gateway through MyGIIS
Also, a 10% Sibling discount (if applicable) will be given over & above the Tuition Fee to younger siblings only.
There are also Scholarships available to deserving students who fall under the criteria of each of these scholarships.
Admission procedure of Global Indian International School Abu Dhabi
You are to fill the inquiry form available on the school website to start the process of admission. Once you submit the inquiry form, one of the admissions counselors will connect with you by phone or email and guide you with the next steps
The second step involves the virtual or in-person campus visit and that will help you discover all that GIIS Abu Dhabi has to offer. The student will have to attend a written test to help gauge his academic levels and to enable further selection.
Once the student is shortlisted, you can begin the admission process by filling up the application/admission form and uploading the necessary documents.
You can then pay the first school fees installment in order to confirm the admission for your child.

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The school follows a simple admission process and also encourages children to apply for their scholarship programs. It provides a substantial amount of fee waiver on the tuition fees. Apart from this, GIIS has schools in every top city in Asia and they also have exchange programs and career-related counseling and placement drives for their high school students. Therefore, GIIS is one of the best International Indian schools in Abu Dhabi


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