Artificial intelligence has been created to make human lives easier. Yet, there are misconceptions about this tech. People believe that it will take over their jobs, which is true to some extent, but look at how many new opportunities it will create. Also, with AI, businesses can easily automate most of their repetitive tasks, which will ultimately be good for employees. How? Well, simply because they will be able to focus their energy elsewhere, allowing them to enhance their skills and knowledge. People also use AI in their homes. For instance, Alexa is an AI. You can command it to do different things like call Spectrum to know about Spectrum phone plans or tell you a recipe while cooking and the device will do just that.

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Top 5 Ways AI Is Changing Human Resources

Companies are now increasingly integrating AI into human resources. This is because the tech can help analyze, predict, and diagnose, making it easier for HR teams to make good decisions. AI can be used to perform different functions such as onboarding, training, retention, and recruitment. But let’s delve a little deeper and find out how AI is changing HR.

#1. Understanding Employee Referrals

Employees sometimes refer candidates for jobs. And there is nothing wrong with that. After all, it just makes the job of the recruiters a lot easier. But the HR should know what kind of person the employee is referring to. And for that, they can use the help of AI. The artificial intelligence will gather insights about the candidate the employee is referring to. Human resources could then check these insights to see if the person is capable enough to do the job right.

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#2. Using Smart Digital Forms for Candidate Resumes

Human resources do their best to connect existing and prospective employees on a personal level. But to do this seamlessly, the HR teams must leverage AI. There are some companies that require new recruits to enter the same information multiple times to complete different steps. And this alone can create frustration. So, what should you do the HR professionals do? Well, they can use artificial intelligence to help the candidates transfer the information from their resumes onto smart digital forms. This will allow them to complete the applications more efficiently. AI can then work its magic and save a candidate’s important and relevant information.

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#3. AI-Powered Chatbots Reduce Turnover

Employee engagement can be measured by their sentiments. And though the HR professionals may make a mistake in judging employees, the AI-powered chatbot won’t. You see, these chatbots will remain in contact with the employees all year long. But do you know what the beauty of this tech is? It will not let the staff know that they are communicating with a chatbot. In fact, they would feel like there is an actual person on the other side. This is because these chatbots will provide a human-like and natural tool that will engage the employees in personalized conversations.

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The HR team can then break down these communications with the employees to know about their sentiments. They can then take appropriate actions to improve their experience, which will lower the turnover rate.

#4. Data-Backed Insights & Resources

Artificial intelligence can figure out what the employees want. They can gather the relevant data and then present it to the HR professionals. They can then assess it and see what the employees truly desire. The team can then make an effort to provide the right kind of experience to their workers. It will make the employees feel valued. And when that happens, they will become more productive.

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#5. Introducing Development and Learning Programs

The future of development and learning departments using artificial intelligence will increase significantly over the years. These departments will create adaptable and agile learning programs that will fulfill the individual needs of the employees. It can also use analytics and data in a deeper way that can show impact back to the company.


Artificial intelligence is the future! It has made everything so easy and simple, not just for the people but also for businesses. HR teams, in particular, have AI to thank for such facilitation, which will help them in making the working environment more productive and positive. They can make the employees’ experience so much better. And it is just the beginning!


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