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Women often find divorce proceedings particularly hard to navigate due to the emotional and financial toll the process can take. There are simply so many new things to address, including the legal technicalities of the divorce and the difficulties of establishing a new life. A strong support network that can provide the information and referrals can work wonders. Read on to discover how a divorce attorney for women can help you through the end of your marriage.

5 Advantages of Hiring a Divorce Attorney for Women

1. Client-Centered Approach

No two women have the same representation needs when it comes to getting divorced. Some individuals are happy with minimal contact that takes place mostly over email. And others prefer regular telephone updates and check-ins. There’s no one right or wrong answer because it’s all about what makes you feel most comfortable.

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Many women find working with a client-centered attorney during the divorce process particularly helpful. These attorneys specialize in representing the whole client, not just a particular individual’s legal needs. For those who live in Ohio, a women’s divorce attorney in Westerville can help you find outstanding professionals to help get you back on your feet, including financial advisors who can assist you with budgeting and addressing your new retirement landscape.

2. Child Custody Experts

Many women find dealing with child custody issues to be one of the most challenging aspects of getting divorced. Custody issues can cause difficulties even in amicable divorces and separations where both parties work and communicate well with each other. When it comes to custody, you need an experienced lawyer who delivers nuanced representation that keeps the peace and quickly resolves any problems that might come up.  

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It’s important to understand that sometimes both parties have different requirements regarding factors involved in child custody. One parent might need to move for a new job, and the other might be unable to relocate due to contractual obligations. Divorce attorneys who specialize in representing women have years of experience navigating these waters and have the expertise to help you and your family find effective solutions that work well for everyone involved.

3. Alimony Experience

Spousal support is a frequent sticking point. Legal statutes are complex, and judges take several factors into consideration when making decisions about alimony, including elements such as your earning potential and if, during your marriage, you provided financial assistance to a spouse who now earns a high salary by helping to pay the tuition for law, business, or medical school. Many women need assistance calculating the amount they’re entitled to under the law.

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We now regularly encounter situations where husbands ask courts to order higher-earning wives to pay alimony. Women in these situations can benefit by working with an attorney who concentrates exclusively on representing women in family law matters due to the variety of issues involved. The law is about ultimately about perspective, which is why it pays to work with an attorney with experience in understanding events from a pro-woman vantage point.

4. High-Asset Divorce Knowledge

While some divorces proceed quite simply due to factors such as limited assets or lack of the need to address contentious issues such as custody, some divorces require more attention to detail. High-asset divorces are not always contentious, but due to the complexity of the financial issues involved, the constant potential for disagreement must be acknowledged and appropriately addressed.

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At the same time, there are high-asset divorces and separations where the spousal misbehavior is front and center, with attempts to hide assets and manipulate others through child custody filings. There tend to be patterns in how spouses attempt to use the court system in these matters, so it’s often beneficial to work with an attorney experienced in handling these issues to stop bad spousal behavior and ensure your assets and mental health are protected.

5. Effective Pre-Decision Counseling

Most women have tons of questions they’d like answered before deciding whether or not to file for divorce. It’s actually quite important to have answers to questions such as if you’ll be able to stay in your home during the process and how long divorces typically take. Many people think that leaving a spouse will be relatively simple given the abundance of no-fault divorce laws. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth.

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All states have requirements that must be followed to obtain a divorce, from residency demands to rules that require spouses to live in different homes for a certain period of time before filing for divorce. Even if you and your spouse agree that a divorce is appropriate, speaking with an attorney who specializes in representing women in family law matters is a useful way to get your divorce finalized as quickly as possible while protecting your assets.

Many women find the divorce process much easier to effectively navigate when they have a strong support network that can provide the information and referrals needed to get financially established and begin building a new life. And these are precisely the benefits offered by family law firms that concentrate on representing women. If this client-centered approach appeals to you, consider searching for a women’s family law firm to represent you.


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